Appostle Concepts developed award-winning Augmented Reality apps for business

Apps that solve your challenges

Appostle Concepts develops applications that solve challenges for businesses, increase efficiency, and improve training results. Our goal is to create software that will positively impact your bottom line.

Many clients come to us with specific pain points that they know could be improved with technology, but are not sure specifically how. With a short consultation we will have exciting concepts for you to consider. Ready to explore some ideas? Give us a shout and see what we can do for you!

What can we build for you?


Appostle Concepts developed a Augmented Reality app called LowVo specifically for the low voltage industry. This tool enables the user to easily generate accurate estimates and proposals onsite, helping companies close sales faster and increase closing ratios. LowVo allows companies to manage leads, create contracts, capture signatures and take payments onsite, all linked to a cloud based system that can be accessed from anywhere.

LowVo by Appostle Concepts was the winner of multiple awards, including the ESX Innovation Award and Top Technological Security Sales & Integration Innovation Award in 2016.

InstallAR App

Appostle Concepts is in the process of developing InstallAR, an Augmented Reality app designed to help solve a productivity challenge for companies that install wifi dependent hardware. The problem? Equipment installers nationwide often place the hardware in locations that are not optimal, resulting in costly repeated service visits and re-installations. 

This application will enable professional installers in the field to easily locate the strongest wifi signals available for their hardware installation. The tool helps solve the shorter-term direct expense of sending trucks and personnel back to service the location, and also results in higher levels of customer satisfaction which boosts sales and improves the company’s reputation.

The InstallAR app will also be offered in a consumer-friendly version, to guide and assist DIY home owners as they install equipment they have purchased.


Appostle Concepts created FireDraw, a compliance software solution for salespeople and technicians to utilize in the field as a real-time solution for residential fire drawings. It allows users to draw rooms and symbols in order to fulfill their compliance responsibilities with Fire Marshal requirements.

We built a custom app that allows field technicians to create a job with drawing tools, voice-to-text note taking, pictures, and more. Originally designed as a native iOs application, we customized the solution to embed within the Client’s proprietary CMS software.

FastTrack Remodeling App

Appostle Concepts developed an application solution designed to help a Client become more efficient in the field. Our Fast Track Remodeling app allows the general contractor to quickly assess and establish a full turnkey pricing and remodeling solution for existing residential construction projects.